Interior designing is not just about how your house looks. It has a lot to do with the connection of the members of the house with the spirit of the house. the interior designing of the house can change the energy of the house. and with a change in energy, the lives of the members of the house changes for good. They say that home is where the heart is. Therefore it is very important to build an interior that can keep the people calling back to their houses and once they are back, they feel relieved to come back to their peaceful abode.

My Goals and Upcoming Challenges

My top interior design blog aims to tell you about my new projects which seem to be quite challenging but are rather interesting. After all, you don’t get to work with alligators in Canada, crocodiles in Canada, lizards in Canada, Canadian lizards, on a daily basis. Confused about my work. I am telling you about this one client who is an ophidiophylliac, and who wants a private menagerie that has all the rare reptiles in Canada. Doesn’t that sound fascinating? How I have planned to design the interior of this house is still a surprise to the client but all I can promise is that he won’t miss living amidst the cradle of nature along with his pets for sure. And then maybe I shall post the vivid descriptions of the place in the next edition of my top interior design blog.

Angelica Garcia

Some of My Favorite Projects That I Have Worked on

Although my work is my passion, and I enjoy taking every project with equal enthusiasm, I must say that there are a few projects that are absolutely close to my heart at all times. The most significant among them which is worth mentioning in my top interior design blog is the luxurious casino resort interior design project that I worked on in the Las Vegas, USA. it was a new and modern casino that had to maintain a classic style. So I instructed the architects that the design be minimal and in flow with casino games that USA casino offers. They tried to make a unique design for video poker, and blackjack games of cards and different design for roulette games and slot games for a unique warm atmosphere that invites you back there. I must admit that I am very honored for seeing the same UI design at some of the best online casino sites on the market. I encourage you to visit them today and make the most of their free cash codes applicable for most games in their offer.

c Trends for 2019

Designs come and go, and here in my top interior design blog, I shall tell you about the best designs that are trending this year:

  1. small scale homes: the concept of the compact is the new thing. No one likes huge mansions cluttered with furniture anymore. The modern generation like it is minimal.
  2. Inclusive architecture: it is an architecture that is compatible with the vulnerable sections of the society such as the elderlies, visually impaired or the physically disabled, etc.
  3. Middle East: the theme has become [popular recently not just because Dubai and Qatar are going to host World Expo 2020 and 2022 world cup respectively but because of its simplicity.
  4. Construction industry: its efficiency and productivity has made it one of the most searched designs of the year.
  5. Gender equality: many will find it weird to link architecture with gender, but as a matter of fact, architecture has a close connection with the socio-economic conditions of the economy. A woman’s role in architecture is as crucial as the architecture itself.
  6. Transport: this one related to the means of transport viz the metro stations, railway stations, airports designs, and others.
  7. Urban resource management: with countries moving forward towards more and more greener economies, there is an extreme need to develop an architecture that is more eco-friendly and sustainable.

Classic or Modern Style – Which One Is for You?

While classical designs are vintage, modern designs are more contemporary. But both have their own charm and I guarantee that you will fall in love with both. I personally suggest you go for the classic look if you are one of those who like big pieces of furniture in their spacious houses. But it comes with a drawback of choices. You cant experiment too much with classic as it is how it meant to be. On the other hand, modern designs can be variable and adjusted to your taste.


To be or not to be is not the question here. The question is about what you love and how you want your building to look like. After all, it’s your home, where you have to live and you can’t afford to get wrong about it.