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Luxurious Casinos Interiors

Interior Design and Decoration of a Casino

The quality and variety of games are very important in a casino, but not only. In fact, as in the hotel business, the design and interior decoration of a gaming establishment must be particularly careful to make the customer want to stay, to continue playing, and to return.

This is why we find common characteristics in casinos: to create a unique Conviviality; the decoration is abundant and often colorful. The decors are meant to be festive, but they must also be luxurious, Made in noble materials, to make the customer dream.

The Casino of Baden Baden

Considered by Marlene Dietrich to be the most beautiful casino in the world, Baden’s casino amazes with its sumptuous and refined decor. Its architecture is inspired by the French royal castles, and the interior is characterized by the charm of the beautiful period with some touches of modernity as the contemporary decoration of the bar of the games room.

The Monte Carlo Casino

Built in the Middle Ages, the Casino de Monte Carlo is a prestigious building that attracts visitors for entertainment as well as magic and beauty. In a subdued and elegant atmosphere, players can indulge their passion in a rich and refined decor. The White Room of the casino of Monte Carlo, decorated with the Florentine graces of Paul Gervais, has a mosaic bar and a terrace overlooking the Mediterranean

Deauville Casino

Built in the early 20th century, the casino Deauville is of classical style. Located opposite the beaches of La Mancha, it was commissioned by Eugène Cornuché who had the Trouville establishment built at the same time. The establishment was designed by architect Georges Wybo, the founder of Printemps Haussmann, and completely renovated in baroque style in 1988 by architect designer Jacques Garcia. The games room is considered the second most beautiful in France.

Sun City in South Africa

Commanded by a real estate tycoon, The Sun City represents a royal residence of a destroyed civilization that would be inspired by both the Book Of The Jungle and the Mines of King Solomon. Inside, the gaming rooms evoke the luxury of new casinos with upholstered walls, paintings, and woodwork. The decoration of the bar is more eccentric with its carpets and pillars with patterns of casino chips, and the counter decorated with dice to play.

The Paris in Las Vegas

The mythical Las Vegas Casino was built in the 90s in the center of the Strip, in front of the Bellagio. Inside the casino, there are 8000 m2 of games rooms. The blue sky decor incorporates winking in Paris with Metropolitan entrances and French signage.

Casino Barrière Deauville

Deauville wouldn’t be Deauville without his casino! Inaugurated in 1912, it was designed by the architect George Wybo, the founder of the Printemps Haussmann in Paris, nothing but that! This great place of entertainment is equipped with 35 gaming tables, 350 slot machines, 3 luxurious restaurants, 2 bars, a cinema, an Italian theater, and a nightclub!